Every two weeks a professional meditation teacher will guide a meditation session for us!

Every teacher has a different style and a different perspective on things, so this will be a really nice opportunity for our community to broaden its perspective and get to know different styles of teaching :)

The day / time of these guided meditations will vary each time, but will replace one of our usual meditations.

The dates of the teacher invites are as follows:

Date Teacher Website
20-02-2021 Kristiaan bij de Vaate kbdv.nl
06-03-2021 Unknown
20-03-2021 Unknown
03-04-2021 Unknown
17-04-2021 Unknown
01-05-2021 Unknown
15-05-2021 Unknown
29-05-2021 Unknown
12-06-2021 Unknown

How do I join?

The links to these meditations are sent in our announcement Telegram group chat just before the start of the session.