Considering the current pandemic, it wouldn’t be convenient to completely reject digital activities since you might need to go to online classes/meetings/… Nevertheless, this digital detox challenges you to minimize your digital activities as much as possible for at least one week.

What the Detox looks like:

  • Step 1: Log all your digital activities (write down when you checked your phone, read the news, watching a movie etc)
  • Step 2: Order your activities (ex. Do not check the news with every notification but schedule a particular timeslot. Do the same for answering messages/ writing emails/…)
  • Step 3: Reduce your digital activities to the essentials as far as possible. You have to decide what is considered as ‘necessary’ but try to be honest with yourself.

(You must decide your own pace for these 3 steps. You may decide to do one step a day or run through all of them in one single day. Then, have a complete detox for the rest of the week.)

Holding each other accountable

Every Sunday morning at 09.00 AM, we meet online with everybody who would like to participate in the Digi-Detox during the coming week. We share our personal motivation and set the intention to hold each other accountable during the week. We can share our experiences and we can reflect on the main challenges of the detox.

We have a group chat on Telegram devoted to the Digi-Detox. This way, it is more convenient to hold each other accountable and set goals together. Join us:

Some tips to avoid social media:

  • Relocate the apps on your phone: navigating to one of your favorite apps happens often very automatically without being aware of this.
  • Disable notifications from all apps (except phone calls so if someone needs you urgently they can still reach you)
  • Delete non-essential apps from your phone (if you really need them at one point you will need to take the effort to re-install them)
  • Tell your friends you won’t be replying for a week
  • Do not read the news online but ask your housemates to discuss it with you
  • Have a go-to entertainment item (ex. book) that you can reach out to when you feel the urge to seek distraction on YouTube/Netflix/...