Metta (also known as loving-kindness) is an active form of meditation where instead of focusing on the breath, we focus on sending benevolent thoughts and wishes out into the world, and we imagine that the people—or animals—in our minds are touched by our good will. This way we can slowly transform the mind into a kind and gentle place.

We can imagine you think this sounds a bit wishy-washy. We do encourage you to just give it a try anyway. Science has our backs; check it out here on

What to expect?

The session starts at 09:30 and the meditation takes about 40-50 minutes, but it has a small break in the middle. We conclude the session with a round of gratitude, sharing something we're grateful for today or yesterday.

Afterwards you can stay to share your experiences, but that is completely optional!

How do I join?

Every Sunday morning before the session start we will share a Zoom link in our Whatsapp groups.