Student Meditation and VU Mindful Library invite you to this special event including a guest lecture, guided meditation and borrel on Thursday 30th of June at 16.00 in NU 3A-67, Vrije Universiteit (Nieuwe Universiteitsgebouw)!

Guest lecture by Raoul de Mos

Sports and mindfulness tend to have a lot of similar positive effects on the body and the mind, but (kick)boxing and meditation is maybe not the first combination you would think of. 🏀🧘‍♂️

In this guest lecture Raoul de Mos will tell you about this combination. Raoul is former National Champion Student Boxing🥊, currently IT manager at Gardner and boxing trainer. He mastered the combination of boxing with meditation, and mindfulness in daily life and he will tell us more about this. At the end of the lecture there will be room for questions.

Note, there will be no actual boxing during this event, so you can leave your gloves at home ;)

Guided meditation

The second part of this event is a guided meditation, because practice what you preach! The meditation will be as you are used from student meditation; beginner friendly, no-nonsense and ends with a round of gratidude and sharing (optional). If your not familiar with our meditation sessions, this is even more reason to join!

Drinks and snacks

Borrelen means having drinks and snacks in Dutch which is what we'll do after the meditation. There will be room to chat with fellow students, the hosts and the guest lecturer.

Sign up for free!

We would like to invite you for this unique event! Even if you have no experience with boxing or mindfulness, this can be interesting for you. You don’t have to be a member or reserve a spot to join, but to make sure we have enough chairs, drinks and snacks we would like you to sign up here:

WHEN?     Thursday 30th of June at 16.00
WHERE?   NU 3A-67, Vrije Universiteit (Nieuwe Universiteitsgebouw)
WHO?        Everyone is welcome!