Student Meditation offers daily guided meditations for anyone interested in meditation. Both, beginners and more advanced meditators are welcome. During weekdays, we host guided and unguided meditations. In the mornings we host a space for unguided meditation from 8:00 to 8:45. In the afternoons, they start at 17.00 and we meditate together for 20 minutes. On the weekends, we host special meditations at 9:30.

So this is our current schedule:

  • From Monday to Friday at 08:00, there is a 45-minute open silent meditation. This is a place for you to practice without guidance 🧘🏽 While beginners can join this session, we recommend trying an afternoon meditation first.
  • From Monday to Friday at 17:00, there is a 20-minute concentration meditation to round off your day. This session is aimed at both beginners and more experienced meditators.
  • At 09:30 there is a Body Scan meditation on Saturday and a Metta meditation on Sunday. The 40-minute metta meditation is aimed at cultivating feelings of loving kindness towards all living beings, with a sharing session after the meditation.

As a tradition, after meditating we end up with a round of gratitude where we invite everyone to share something that they feel grateful for.

Feel free to invite your friends and family to the guided meditations. The more the merrier!

How do I join?

All meditations will be held online, with links sent in our announcement Telegram chat just before the start of the session. Get in!  

Announcements chat: