By following these recommendations you help us keep a nice environment for communication within the Student Meditation community.

Student Meditation Telegram group chats

Announcements 🎉

Here we only send messages containing information about our open-access activities; this includes promotion announcements and meeting links to our meditations and yoga sessions (posted right before their scheduled time).  

  • Only members of the Student Meditation Team are allowed to publish announcements in this group chat.
  • Other messages in this group chat should be directly related to the activities that have been announced, e.g. questions about an activity, asking for the password of a Zoom meeting.
  • If you want to make an announcement, you can do it as a member by using the Community chat (but check the rules first! 😀) or please contact one of us first! (e.g. send an email to Pjotr via [email protected] ✉️).

Community 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

This is a group chat for members only. We would love to have the members of Student Meditation engaging in conversations with each other using this group. This is the place to have casual chats, create discussions about meditation or other related topics, connect with people that you met during one of our activities, or invite others to join you in some activity of your initiative.

  • You can only access this chat if you become a member.
  • Please keep to the purpose of the group! Student Meditation is a community centred around meditation and well being. Is this the place to ask for likes on your Facebook post? Nope!
  • Share your opinions based on your own experience. We believe that no one is the bearer of the ultimate truth about anything.
  • If you want to promote some activity, carry out a survey, or promote a service please contact one of us first! (e.g. send an email to Pjotr via [email protected] ✉️).
  • And the usual: Do not spam the group!

Deep Work ✍️

Everything related to Deep Work sessions goes in this chat. The same rules of the Community group chat apply here, except that we want the purpose of the group to be centred mainly around Deep Work and that the group chat is open for everyone.

The links to Deep Work sessions are sent here, not in the Announcements chat.