For many of us, the middle of a semester means sluggishness in keeping up with courses. For others, it can mean having less motivation to continue working on a thesis, as the project's newness has worn off. Whatever you need to work on, we can help you rediscover your motivation and enjoy a little accountability at our Deep Work sessions.

During Deep Work, you work in silence with a group of others who need to get stuff done, in a Zoom room. Deep Work sessions are guided by someone from the Student Meditation team. They will run you through the necessary preparations before you get to work, like setting a goal and making you aware of your motivation behind it, to help you work effectively.

Want to know more about what Deep Work exactly means? Find all that information here:

Deep Work sessions are Monday till Friday from 10:00 - 12:00, and from 14:00 - 16:00. These consists in 4 sessions: two focused 50-minute sessions per 2-hour block, with breaks in between.

You can join at 10, 11, 2, or 3 o'clock for a 50-minute work session, using the link sent in our Telegram group chat:

Deep Work Student Meditation
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