Hi there! Soon you can get to know all the team members on this page :)

Student Meditation is a society (Studentenvereniging) run by about 17 enthusiastic students who keep a regular meditation practice. When you join guided meditations, follow the beginners' course, or see announcements of other events we host in the announcement group chat, it'll become clear who we are.

Currently, the active team consists of: Joost, Andreas, Larissa, Sam, Laura, Myriam, Jip, Manon, Sarah, Emily, Carthic, Jodie, Beau, Rianne, Fokel, Karina and Irina.

The main goal of Student Meditation is to improve the well-being of students in Amsterdam, and we currently do this by providing daily online guided meditations and deep work sessions. We also would like to become a tightknit community in which students in and around Amsterdam can find likeminded individuals - so that we can all converse about topics (like meditation) that enhance our physical and mental well-being, and have a network of friends with whom to undertake activities that suit these goals.

All team members are very committed to this goal, and we love to see the organisation grow so that we can have a positive effect, however small, on as many individuals as possible.

If you also like to bring about positive change, and would like to join our team, please reach out! Contact us through the Telegram groups or send a quick Hello, my name is... to [email protected]